Aging-in-Place Consulting Services

If you or a loved one are struggling with mobility issues due to age, disability, or injury, but would still like to stay in your home, Solid Rock Enterprises is here to help. We understand that your home is a major investment, and believe that you deserve to feel comfortable, safe, and happy there. However, most homes are not built with aging in mind – which is why Solid Rock Enterprises provides a consulting service to help you decide if living in your home is the right choice. If you decide to stay, our founder and President, Chris Moore, will help you figure out the appropriate home modifications that will best meet the needs of you or your loved one.

Trusted Local Contractor

We have over 32 years of experience in the construction industry, and Chris is the first Certified Aging in Place Specialist in the Roanoke Area. Our team is dedicated to your comfort and happiness, and our founder and President firmly believes in continuing his education in Aging in Place construction (as well as general home modification).

If you’re looking for assistance with Aging in Place home modification, get in touch with Chris at Solid Rock today. Let us show you why so many of our clients give us rave reviews.

Aging in Place Planning Guide

Download our Aging in Place Planning Guide for our no-nonsense advice about planning your renovations.