Safeway Step Installation

If you or a loved one suffers from mobility impairments or balance issues, it can be challenging to get in and out of your tub. Slippery footing, a lack of safe handholds, and a high step can combine to make the simple act of hygiene a dangerous experience; in fact, the danger of falling and being injured in your bathroom is higher than almost any other in-home activity.

At Solid Rock Enterprises, we offer an affordable, timely solution known as the Safeway Step (or Clean Cut Bath). This easy bathroom renovation can be completed in less than a day, and will convert your existing tub into a step-in shower, as seen in the picture above. We can combine the Safeway Step with grab bars and a tub seat, if necessary, to convert your dangerous bathtub into a safe, accessible step-in shower. And if you’d still like the ability to take a bath, we offer the Tub Door and Convertible, which let you get into your tub safely and use it traditionally.

High-Quality Construction

At Solid Rock, we pride ourselves on being an independent installer of Safeway Step products, and have installed dozens of these tub modifications for clients throughout the Roanoke Valley and beyond. We can convert your steel, fiberglass, or cast-iron tub into a step-in shower while helping you avoid the hassle of having to install an entirely new tub or shower.

Our owner is the first Certified Aging in Place Specialist for the Roanoke Valley, and knows how important it is that you be able to continue to live in and enjoy your home no matter your age or mobility. Since 1986, he’s dedicated himself to Universal Design remodeling and helping clients like you feel safe and happy in your home.

If you’re interested in a quick and easy bathroom modification that allows you continued access to your shower and tub, get in touch with Solid Rock today to schedule your consultation. Let us help you love your home again!

Aging in Place Planning Guide

Download our Aging in Place Planning Guide for our no-nonsense advice about planning your renovations.