Expert Deck Construction

Decks are an excellent, cost-effective way to expand your home’s living space and add value to your property, but there are a wide variety of choices for modern-day deck construction that can be overwhelming if you don’t understand the products, choices, and code requirements. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced, knowledgeable team that can help guide you through the deck construction process, using a tried and true customer-oriented process that ensures your satisfaction.

Solid Rock Enterprises has that expertise. With over 32 years of experience in the construction industry, Chris Moore and his team will make sure that your deck is beautiful, fits your home and your budget, and is constructed within your timeline. They’ll also make sure that your deck is as accessible as possible, because they want you to enjoy your deck for years to come.

Things to Consider When Planning Your New Deck

When you’re working with your contractor – or pre-planning your deck design – there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  • Size and Shape: How are you planning on using your deck? Will you have friends and family over for entertaining? Will there be children on the deck? Do you want to have multiple seating areas or a space for grilling? Considering the function(s) you want your deck to serve will help determine the best size and placement for it and allow you to explore fun designs. Your deck doesn’t have to be a rectangle – consider adding covered areas, angled corners, or curves to make your deck visually interesting!
  • Material: While pressure-treated pine or fir is the typical material for deck framing, you can also choose to use steel floor joists and columns to allow for longer spans with no bows, warping, or twisting. Decking and handrail materials fall into three categories:
    • Treated softwoods – the most commonly used and least costly material, treated softwoods will provide good service life but must be maintained regularly. However, you could also choose acetylated wood, which renders the wood unsusceptible to shrinking and swelling and creates a much more stable product than traditional treated lumber.
    • Tropical hardwoods – these woods are naturally rot- and insect-resistant and have a rich color that makes for a beautiful deck. However, you need to be prepared for high material and labor costs; these woods are expensive, and their density and hardness make them challenging to work with. You also need to prepare a penetrating oil annually to prevent weathering.
    • Composites – composites tend to require less maintenance than other product choices and are either a mixture of plastics and wood fiber or are manufactured entirely of man-made materials. There are a huge variety of color and pattern choices, and at higher price points the decking boards can be made to look extremely realistic.
  • Handrails: Handrails can be made of all the same materials as your deck, as well as metal balusters, stainless steel cables, and glass panels. If you have a great view from your deck, we’d advise stainless steel cables or glass panels to maximize your view. We can also help you choose from unique handrail components made by composite docking manufacturers – some can even be made to look like natural stone.
  • Fasteners: Your deck fasteners should always be galvanized or stainless steel in order to resist corrosion; with the extra deck hardware now required by code, this is extra important. There are several types of fastener methods available, including face screws and hidden fasteners.
  • Under-Deck Waterproofing: If you’d like to create a dry space under your deck that can be enjoyed in any weather, there are a variety of different systems you can use to drain away water and effectively double your deck’s usable size. Some systems are installed over the joists and must be installed before the decking, while others can be installed from underneath and can therefore be added to existing decks.

As you can see, there are a variety of options to consider when you’re planning your deck. Having a skilled, knowledgeable contractor on hand can simplify the decision-making process and take the stress out of your deck addition.

Your Knowledgeable Team

Solid Rock Enterprises is dedicated to making you our number one priority. We want to be sure that your deck meets your needs, your style, your budget, and your time frame, and is constructed properly the first time. We also work with Universal Design styling, so that you’ll be able to use your deck for years to come.

If you’re interested in remodeling your home and adding a deck, get in touch with Solid Rock to schedule your consultation today. Let us put our decades of experience and skill to work for you!

Aging in Place Planning Guide

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