This month I’m going to highlight a bathroom renovation I recently completed. Like many of us my clients were having trouble with their bathroom. As I’ve talked about many times, the bathroom is one of the most challenging areas of the home as we get older. Getting in and out of the bathtub can become difficult, if not impossible. Frequently there are fall and tripping hazards everywhere. This project is an example of how you can transform a bathroom from a hazard to a space designed for aging in place. As you can see, the bathroom was difficult to get in and out of. There was a window in the tub area that been covered up in a previous remodel, so there was no natural light. The commode was standard height, so a raised seat was needed for comfort. As you can see from the black and white striped wallpaper, the walls were really wavy. Overall, it was a bathroom that was unsafe and unsightly.

The first thing we did was remove everything but the vanity from the bathroom. We installed solid blocking in the walls for the grab bars we would be installing, reinstalled insulation in the exterior wall, and uncovered the window!  The natural light makes a huge difference! There are no barriers to getting into the shower area and the bathroom is fully wheelchair accessible if that ever becomes necessary. We re-plastered the walls, formed a walk in shower, and installed ceramic tile on the floor and walls. The shower has both a standard showerhead and a hand held showerhead, and the built in seat allows for seated showering. The new taller commode makes getting up and down easier and the grab bar between the commode and the shower folds down to facilitate getting up from the shower seat and also the commode.

If you or a loved one could benefit from a similar transformation in your bathroom, please give me a call at 540-384-2064 or send me an email at I can come to your home and perform a Housing Needs Assessment and then make recommendations about how we can transform your bathroom (or any other room in the house) like the one you see here.

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